Acceptance of Terms of Service

By subscribing to (‘mybook’ & ‘we’) the Subscriber (‘you’ & ‘your’) agrees to be legally bound by these Terms of Service. Payment of your subscription shall constitute your acceptance of these Terms of Service.


You warrant that you are the author or the legal representative of the author of the book that is submitted for subscription.

You warrant that the information supplied in the Subscription Form is complete, accurate, current and true.

You agree that mybook may from time to time at its sole discretion use part or all of your website pages information for promotional purposes without notification.

Upon receipt of complete information for your website and payment of your subscription, we guarantee to have your website up and running within 48 hours during business days. Depending on when we receive your complete material and payment, weekends and public holidays may cause a short delay. An 'Act of God' will void our 48-hour guarantee.

We intend to provide you with the best possible service. However, due to changing technologies, laws and individual and collective needs of our Subscribers, mybook, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change and modify any or all of these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice. A current version of these Terms of Service may be viewed at Continued use of the mybook services shall constitute your acceptance of all such changes and modifications. If you do not agree with any alteration to these Terms of Service your sole and exclusive remedy is to cancel your subscription.

Although all care is taken and mybook regularly backs up your website data, mybook will under no circumstances be liable to anyone for damages of any kind as a result of server downtime or the loss of your website data, including loss of sales. Should server downtime or data loss become an issue, we will restore your website as soon as technically possible.

Subscribing to does not give you any rights in mybook intellectual property or technology.

Should your contact information change during the period of subscription, it is your responsibility to advise mybook as soon as possible so that we may update your website details.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will mybook sell or trade your personal information to any third party.

Payment, renewal of subscription and refunds

The term of your subscription commences upon receipt of payment and runs for one (1) year from that date. mybook will start work on your website upon confirmed receipt of your subscription payment.

Your subscription terminates under any of the following circumstances:

Once mybook undertakes the design of your website, no refunds will be given under any circumstance.

Promotional pricing

At its discretion, mybook may from time to time offer free or discounted services in connection with a promotional offer. Such promotional offers are honoured only in relation to the specific promotional package to which they apply.

End of Terms of Service


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